Poi-Boy BullyBoard


  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Snow Camouflage
  • Navy Camouflage
  • Army Camouflage
  • Rasta Camouflage
  • Lime Green
  • Light Blue

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Poi-Boy Bodyboard

The Poi-Boy is built for taller/bigger riders up to 225lbs. Wahoo International has developed these boards to fill the gap for riders of above average size. Though designed for a small segment of the surfing population by no means do they leave performance behind. We use the latest technology and finest materials to build a board for serious bodyboarders. Our boards are designed to simply go where you point them, accelerate through turns, and hold a line on steeper waves. We simply level the playing field for larger riders, leaving nothing behind. For riders over 225lbs check out the Blahah and Original BullyBoards.

Born In Makaha

Each shape has resulted from some 20+ years of testing with Westside O’ahu’s best riders including the Keaulana, Puu, Desoto and Kalama ‘ohanas and DOZENS of others including contest invitees like Bonga Perkins, Mel Keawe, and Brandon Martin. We’ve got lots of guys well over 350lbs and lots and lots of kids paired with parents, and adult tandems going out in 3′ to 10’ Makaha bowl. No end of fun, no matter what your size or ability.

Teardrop Outline

Extra width and volume up front increases buoyancy allowing for easier wave catching. Designed for prone riding, this shape reduces pearling even on severe bottom turns and steep waves. The narrower tail increases control through high-speed turns.

Crescent Tail

Our crescent tails excel in steep waves, digging deeper into the water offering the riders excellent control even in heavier conditions. In addition to offering better bite on a wave’s face, crescent tails provide riders with more comfortable hip positioning while paddling and catching waves.

Polypro Core

We’ve spared no expense. Our high-density polypropylene cores are lightweight, dense, and have excellent memory characteristics. The stiff BullyBoard cores don’t crease, allowing riders to hold a straight line while trimming on steep walls. This 100% closed-cell core compresses and release energy for spring-like execution out of turns.

Crosslinked Polyethylene Rails

Our rails are finished in high performance crosslinked polyethylene skin. This premier skin has a closed-cell structure that reduces water absorption to insignificant levels. Riders will enjoy better grip and increased cushion and comfort.

Acrylic Copolymer Hulls

Prized for their spring-like flex characteristics, our acrylic copolymer hulls offer better stiffness and strength allowing our boards to recover to their original shape when flexed. This strong yet elastic material improves our bodyboard’s drive accelerating the rider through turns.

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Blue, Yellow, Black, Red, Orange, Snow Camouflage, Navy Camouflage, Army Camouflage, Rasta Camouflage, Lime Green, Light Blue


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